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Last Updated on : 24th Sep, 2012

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About Child & Adolescent Treatment

Although by some estimates there are over 400 different treatments approaches - all of which attempt to alleviate psychological distress among children and adolescents - not all mental health therapies for young people are created equal. Thankfully, researchers are constantly evaluating and comparing the effects of various treatments for a variety of mental health problems.

Please click on the links below to learn about what constitutes a high standard of care (i.e., “evidence-based practice”) and how research support for child and adolescent treatments are defined.  You may also be interested in reading advice that has been designed to help parents decide whether therapy, medication, or a combination of the two would be best for your child or adolescent’s mental health difficulties.  Last, click on the essential guide to choosing a child therapist.

Evidence-Based Practice
How is Research Support Defined?
Therapy or Medication?
How to Choose a Child Therapist


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