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Last Updated on : 04th Feb, 2016

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Anxiety (General Symptoms)

As can be seen below, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) currently has the most research evidence for the treatment of general symptoms of anxiety in young people. This treatment can be administered in a variety of different formats, each of which has varying levels of research support.

Anxiety - General symptoms

Level 1: Well-Established
What does this mean?
Level 2: Probably Efficacious
What does this mean?
  • CBT with parents
  • CBT with medication

Level 3: Possibly Efficacious What does this mean?

  • None
Level 4: Experimental
What does this mean?
  • None
Level 5: Questionable efficacy
  • Attention control

Note: CBT = Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Source: Higa-McMillan, C. K., Francis, S. E., Rith-Najarian, L., & Chorpita. (in press). Evidence Base Update : 50 Years of Research on Treatment for Child and Adolescent Anxiety. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology.

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