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Last Updated on : 25th Sep, 2012

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Request a Change to This Site

This site is maintained by an Editorial Board that reviews requests for revisions to the content based on the scientific literature.  This Board works in conjunction with the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.

Editorial Board

Michael Southam-Gerow, Editor
Mitch Prinstein, Associate Editor
William Pelham, Associate Editor
Wendy Silverman, Associate Editor
V. Robin Weersing, Associate Editor
Eric A. Youngstrom, Associate Editor

Developing and refining the evidence base for psychological treatments for child and adolescence disorders remain critical goals for all of us who work to improve the lives of children and their families. Toward this end, a goal of this website is to serve as an educative and communication function to clinical scientists and practitioners.

The Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (Division 53 of the American Psychological Association) has appointed an Editorial Board to review requests to update the information on this website. If you believe that recent additions to the scientific literature warrant a consideration to change or adapt the listing of any psychological treatment, please complete the form below and send via email to the Chair of the Editorial Board. The Chair will send your request to members of the editorial board and/or to ad hoc reviewers, as necessary.

How to Request an Update to This Website

  1. Which specific treatment should be updated and for which disorder? (Please note that all treatments are listed in reference to a specific disorder.)
  2. Please provide a concise rationale for your request (e.g., a brief listing of recently completed studies). Please be sure to refer to the evidence based criteria (see here) when discussing the current evidence-base. Please be sure that your rationale includes brief narratives and/or tables that summarize relevant studies. For each study summarized include information about: sample size, age range, ethnicity/race, gender, recruitment and selection, inclusion/exclusion criteria, measures, training of therapists, and specific treatment procedures used and evaluated (e.g., name and version of treatment manual). Calculate effect sizes; if possible, calculate separately for different conditions that have been compared (e.g., treatment versus waitlist; treatment versus credible comparison conditions). Be sure studies that support and fail to support the efficacy of the treatment are included. In addition, include a discussion about the clinical representativeness of the work and issues regarding generality (i.e., implications of the current state of the literature and its limitations) and summarize research that has evaluated moderators of treatment, if applicable.  The Board would appreciate it if you would keep your summary to no more than 3 double spaced pages. To aid in the review process, be sure to include references, and please attach pdf copies of each article that provides data relevant to your request.

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