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Last Updated on : 18th Sep, 2015
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What do the Changes in Health and Mental Health Care Mean for Children and Families?

We are seeing major changes in health and mental health care in the United States. Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is more certain that changes in our health and mental health care systems will continue.

A national forum was held in Washington DC to discuss what these changes in health care policy mean for children, families, professionals, and health and mental health care programs. National experts from the American Psychological Association, American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and the American Academy of Pediatrics came together with leaders from government agencies, health care and insurance organizations, and other groups for this forum. Come join our discussion.

Topics for the Public
How will healthcare reform affect me and my family? How will the Affordable Care Act, the Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Law, and other health care reform legislation and initiatives affect my family’s coverage and ability to get care for mental health and substance use problems?
I keep hearing the terms “integrated care” and “integrated medical-behavioral health care”? What do these terms mean, do these integrated care programs have benefits as far as mental health care for children and families?
I keep hearing the terms “Health Home” and “Patient-Centered Medical Home.” What are these and what do they have to do with health and mental health care?
In many areas, there is good evidence about what works and what does not. What do people mean by “effective” or “evidence-based treatments”? How do I find the treatment that is most likely to help my child?
How is my child’s privacy protected? Aren’t kids reluctant to share concerns regarding mental health issues or stresses, like bullying? Do concerns about confidentiality interfere with children getting the help they need?

Videos were produced with funding from APA Division 53 and consequently are listed as: from APA Division 53.

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